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part of me wants to chronicle every single sweet thing you say to me, all the kind words and bubbly thoughts and the ways you make me blush.

part of me just wants to write them down and keep them in my wallet/heart for my own personal reference.

part of me wants to write
dumb poems about
dumb feelings and
dumb thoughts and use
line breaks
to convey my emotions and 
the beauty of my words.

and the rest of me just wants to spend all my free time laying beside you and talking about every single thing in the world.

well, as it turns out, two years later, my heart still swells when you text me.


and my heart skips a beat
every time that we meet.
it’s been a while
and now
your smile is
like a memory.

I would like to mention that this boy (previously mentioned a few posts ago) is outta town in California. Different time zone and everything (3 hours behind). But he was the first person to text me at midnight last night! What a cutie.

'happy new year love, I hope you're having a great time :)'

short and sweet.